Motorboat builder Hayaari Marine has launched a fully resin infused version of its H:CRAFT H44Z powerboat.

Resin infusion reportedly led to weight savings of over 20% enabling a top speed in excess of 90 mph.

Hayaari Marine was also able to save around 450kg of resin per boat. Infusion technology has also increased laminate quality and consistency, as well as providing for cleaner shop floor conditions with reduced VOC emissions.

The company used Scott Bader’s CRYSTIC VE679-03PA infusion resin and CRYSTIC gelcoat glass fiber stitched multiaxial fabrics, PVC foam cores to make the boat.

The company used semi-permeable membranes to enhance the infusion process. By allowing air to pass, yet blocking the passage of resin, the semi-permeable membranes maintain the vacuum after the infusion is complete, eliminating porosity and improving the consolidation of the laminate, Hayaari said.

Hayaari’s revised infusion setup reportedly needs only seven resin inlet points for the 44 foot hull, reducing the risk of air leaks and simplifying the resin management throughout the infusion. As well as the hull, Hayaari also uses the resin infusion process to manufacture the H44Z floor, cap deck, console, seats, and roof.

“With the H44Z switch to infusion, we created our own in-house testing tools to really understand how these materials interact with the vacuum consumables,” said Wassim El Zein, owner of Hayaari Marine.