Racing boat made using core composite materials

The 2000 Speciale multihulls catamaran has been made using a range of composites from ATL Composites and DIAB, the companies say.

ATL Composites provided the hull construction strip planked with DuraKore material reinforced with carbon fiber rather than standard e-glass with the aim of adding extra stiffness and a reduction in weight. Other structural components have been supplied as a DuFLEX Composite Component Pack, cored with Diab’s ProBalsa. The DuFLEX panels have been laminated with carbon fiber double bias reinforcements for added stiffness. The interior of the 2000 Speciale is also a CNC-routed Component Pack with Featherlight composite panels cored with Diab’s Divinycell H60, a combination of polyuren and PVC core with low density, laminated with carbon fiber reinforcements.  The boat has a mast height of 22 m, a sail area of 118 + 57 sqm and a payload of 3,500 kg.

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