Large-scale biobased resin infusion

Sicomin says that its bio-based epoxy infusion resin has been used for the infusion of a yacht hull – one of the largest structures to be infused with bio-resins to date.

Sicomin’s InfuGreen 810 was used to vacuum infuse the hull, deck and superstructure of a 26m, 52 tonne Couach Fly 86/2600 superyacht.

Whilst Couach traditionally used polyester resin systems, Sicomin has worked with the Couach R&D team for the past four years to test other epoxy resin systems, culminating in the implementation of Infugreen 810 and other bio-based epoxies in the latest models.

InfuGreen 810 gets 38% of its carbon content from plant based sources and has DNV GL type approval.

“With Sicomin’s InfuGreen 810 we have been able to build our Fly 86/2600 yacht in a more responsible and sustainable way, whilst also producing a lighter, stiffer, and more durable composite structure that reduces our impact on the environment,” said a spokesperson from Couach.