Faster resin infusion

Cannon Afros has developed a direct infusion system which it says allows for faster processing of epoxy and polyurethane (PU) resin systems.

The process can be used to make wind turbine rotor blades made of glass fiber reinforced resin using vacuum infusion technology.

According to the company, its technology can provide more accurate higher volume dosing, accelerating vacuum infusion and making the process more repeatable and reliable. It does this by using real-time data management which automatically adapts dosing to help ensure the required flow rate at constant mix ratio. The system uses pressurized infusion lines along which peristaltic valves control the right amount of resin mix at an optimum pressure at each infusion gate. This controls the resin flow required to complete the infusion process and help reduce cycle time, Cannon says.

There is also the possibility of adding an automatic and self-adjusting vacuum bagging infusion unit.

Since the new process is closed and sealed, there is a lower exothermic risk during curing and no exposure to air and humidity to contaminate the resin systems, as well as a reduction in exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), according to Cannon.