In-situ repair of wind turbine blades

Belzona has developed Belzona 5711, a solvent-free thixotropic paste suitable for the in-situ re-pair and rebuilding of erosion and impact damage on wind turbine blades.

"Whilst offering rapid cure, Belzona 5711 also has a good working life which allows for the material to be perfectly contoured/formed to the leading edge of the blade,” said Jason Horn, research and development manager. “This removes the need for sanding, therefore, eliminating a step in the repair process and simplifying the application."

According to Horn, the paste cures quickly and can be directly overcoated with Belzona 5721 in as little as 30 minutes at 20°C/68°F without the need for any additional preparation. At the same temperature, Belzona 5721 will be fully cured within five hours.

The material is said to be suitable for all climates (5-40°C/41-104°F) with a maximum overcoat window of 24 hours. It has a three-year shelf life and can be applied at both offshore and onshore wind farms.