Sabic has launched an initiative to help create safer and more efficient electric vehicles (EVs) by improving structural battery components made of flame retardant materials.

According to the company, battery powered EVs can convert over 77% of electricity into movement compared to only 12 to 30% for vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Sabic plans to expand its thermoplastic product range and offer its expertise in large part molding, compression molding, advanced injection molding and polymer flame interaction.

“With our strategic Bluehero initiative, we have vigorously committed to invest in, develop and deliver material solutions that can support the transition to electric power, drive down emissions and help address climate change,” said Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh, Sabic executive vice president for polymers. “Our decision to initially focus on automotive reflects the urgency of making progress in that space and the strengths we already have with established materials and capabilities that can allow us to support the shift to electric vehicles and contribute to a low carbon future.”