Lanxess at battery show

Lanxess says that it will be exhibiting its materials at the Battery Show, taking place from 28-30 June 2022 in Stuttgart Germany.

“We are presenting ourselves as a sustainable and reliable supplier of materials for European battery producers,” said Dr Martin Saewe, head of Lanxess’ initiative for electromobility and circular economy. “Among our focuses are concepts for establishing circular material flows in the recycling of batteries in order to further reduce the ecological footprint of electric vehicles.”

According to Lanxess, these include raw materials for cathode materials and electrolytes, ion exchange resins for extracting and for recycling ultra-pure metal compounds for cathode materials, flame retardants and coolants, polyurethane (PU) potting solutions for protecting electronic battery components, and thermoplastics for components of batteries, electric powertrains, and the charging infrastructure.

The company will also be showcasing its range of thermally conductive polyamides for the thermal management of batteries and charging stations.