Composite truck deflectors

A new concept truck developed by Volvo reportedly features composite deflectors made by Brazilian re-inforced plastic specialist Gatron.

The Efficiency Concept Truck can reportedly cut fuel consumption by 30 % due to increase aerody-namism and lower weight.

The deflectors were made using infusion molding and are 1.8m (side) and 2.4m (rear) in length.

“[Using] infusion enabled molding with a high content of glass fiber, we were able to produce light and very resistant components,” said Camila Scarmin, commercial manager at Gatron. “In addition, we faith-fully kept the design lines of the piece, which made all the difference in the final project. […] The fact that we have a 100% vertical operation was crucial for us to be successful in transforming designs into ready-to-install parts on the truck,” she added.