Award nomination for carbon fiber hockey stick

Hypetex, which makes colored carbon fiber materials, says that its new composite field hockey stick, commissioned by adidas, has been selected as a finalist in the 2022 JEC Innovation Awards.

According to the company, in a benchmark study carried out by Loughborough University’s Sports Technology Institute (STI) in the UK, its Kromaskin sticks had up to 16% higher coefficient of restitution (COR) – meaning they could return more energy and the ball could travel faster – when compared to eight other premium hockey sticks. In addition, the variation in COR was 70% less than the other sticks on test, a reduction in the production inconsistencies common in the manufacturing of performance sporting goods. 

By incorporating the stick’s finish colour within the outermost carbon fiber layer, the stick mold could be adjusted outwards, placing the structural spread tow materials right at the outer extremities of the mold cavity, increasing mechanical performance and maximising the structural benefits of the composite materials used, Hypertex said. The sticks also feature an epoxy based expanding microsphere system used in the core.

“We are thrilled to be nominated as finalists for the 2022 JEC Innovation Awards and are delighted that the awards committee recognized the significant performance gains realized with the new adidas sticks as well as the stunning visual finish created by our Kromaskin technology,” comments Marc Cohen, CEO of Hypetex.