Aeronix Technologies launches carbon neutral products

Vacuum infusion specialist Aeronix Technologies has developed a new range of carbon neutral consumable products.

This is part of a sustainability program to be carried out by Aeronix over the next 12 months. “The business has a clear long term goal to transform harmful practices that negatively impact the environment, especially those contributing towards climate change,” a press release said.

The products manufactured from different types of plastics, opening up more sustainable options for the disposal of consumable products, according to the company.

They include:

  • Vacuum bagging films
  • Infusion resin flow meshes
  • Vacuum breather fabrics
  • Release films
  • Peel plies
  • Plastic infusion tubing, spiral wrap and associated fittings.

Aeronix says that it has achieved carbon neutrality for the products by improving sourcing, manufacturing with the lowest carbon footprint currently possible, and offsetting the balance to be net zero. The calculated remaining carbon footprint for the range is offset through earning ‘carbon credits’ per tonne of CO2 from contributing to carbon offset projects. These projects take place in different parts of the world and cover clean oceans, afforestation (new forest creation), hydropower and biomass. A +10% offset value safety margin allowance for each product type is being used by Aeronix Technologies to ensure sufficient offsetting to be net zero.