Carbon-neutral fiber recycling

Teijin Aramid and plastics recycling specialist Clariter have partnered to develop a more carbon neutral way of recycling composite fibers.

The companies have created a chemical recycling process for Teijin’s Endumax ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) that turns it into feedstock for industrial products such as cleaning agents, degreasers, paints, and speciality wax.

Clariter says that it is is planning to build a full-scale plant in the Netherlands near Teijin Aramid’s manufacturing facility.  Preparations for more plants are also ongoing in Poland and Israel.

“As a next step, we want to process samples of much larger quantities and types at our 15,000m² Industrial-scale Plant in East London, South Africa,” said Jasper Munier, Clariter business development manager.

“In the aerospace business, from now on, we will devotedly comply with end-user requirements, that after use, the full air cargo containers, including the panels, can be recycled,” added Hendrik de Zeeuw, Teijin marketing director.