Adhesives do not require REACH training

UK adhesives specialist Intertronics has developed a range of structural polyurethane adhesives that it says do not require REACH training for handling.

According to the company, EU REACH Restrictions will shortly require industrial and professional users of products with a total monomeric diisocyanate concentration of >0.1% to be trained and certified in handling diisocyanates.

The company’s Point-One polyurethanes (PUs) have a concentration of <0.1% by weight, Intertronic said.

“Polyurethane adhesives are made by reacting diisocyanates and polyols,” said Ben Swanson, chief commercial officer. “While the diisocyanate is used up during the reaction, and virtually no diisocyanates are found in completed or cured materials, in liquid form they do present health and safety risks. Our new Point-One adhesives present a much lower risk to operators – low enough to not require the new mandated training.”

The two-part adhesives can form strong, durable bonds in 10 minutes or more, and are reportedly resistant to moisture, fuel, some solvents, and chemicals. They are solvent and VOC free.

They can be used to adhere plastics, metals, glass fiber reinforced plastic, ceramics, sheet molding compound, wood, plasterboard, concrete, rock, and marble. They are suitable for applications such as the interior and exterior automotive aftermarket, caravan and trailer manufacture and repair, and outdoor lighting and signage.