Webinar focuses on composites in construction

A webinar covering the use of composites in the infrastructure and construction markets will take place on 1 December 2022.

The CW Tech Days event will include eight presentations covering fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) rebar, bridge building, bridge repair, rail structures, marine structures and composites design for commercial construction.

The presentations are entitled:

  • How the composites industry must evolve to enable wider adoption in Infrastructure and construction

    Carbon fiber structural reinforcement in civil engineering: Largely untapped potential

    Sustainable materials for the future of transportation infrastructure

    FRP connections offer new ways to move people

    Innovative FRP solutions for repair of aging critical infrastructure

    Key attributes and benefits of FRP composites for infrastructure and construction applications

    Forward-thinking composites for infrastructure

    Non-metallic reinforcement in concrete construction – what engineers should know

To register, go here.