Toray withdraws ten resins

Toray Industries says that 10 of its resins will be withdrawn following an investigation of their certification.

This follows the withdrawal of 52 UL certified resins in March 2022, the company added. UL certification of materials covers safety and sustainability standards.

Of the resins that have been withdrawn, 28 have been re-certified under new grade designations from August 2022, while the re re-certification of one resin under a new grade designation is still pending, according to Toray.

“Toray once again sincerely apologizes to the users of these materials and various companies who have been affected by the inappropriate actions,” a press release said. “Toray takes this series of actions with the utmost seriousness. Guided by the recommendations in the report of the expert committee that investigated the matter, which were announced previously on April 12, 2022, as well as by instructions received from UL and other directives, Toray senior management will continue to lead the implementation of definitive measures formulated by its board of directors to prevent recurrence, making every effort to regain the trust of customers and the broader society.”

More information about the withdrawn material can be found here.