Teijin Aramid develops new unidirectional laminate for anti-ballistic vests

Twaron Unidirectional laminate UD22 from Teijin Aramid.
Twaron Unidirectional laminate UD22 from Teijin Aramid.

Anti-ballistic vests for police and security forces need to offer low weight, high comfort and excellent protection against bullets.

Twaron UD22 is a unidirectional laminate, available for use in soft body armor and consisting of two plies of Twaron yarn plied in a 0°/90° configuration. Teijin Aramid adds that it uses smart Unidirectional (UD) technology which aligns the Twaron fibres in each layer in a parallel direction. Each layer is individually constructed within a resin matrix, and thermoplastic film is laminated to the top and bottom of the two UD plies to ensure maximum abrasion resistance.

Current anti-ballistic products need to meet increasingly complex specifications, for example, ballistic performance and stab protection in one vest or protection against a wider spectrum of projectile and fragment types.

This requires advanced hybrid solutions for protective vests, such as Twaron UD22 in combination with other Twaron fabrics, laminates, shields and coated materials.

Twaron UD22 has been subjected to a range of stress and ballistic performance tests and meets the NIJ 0101.06 tumbling requirements.