Solvay sponsors 3D printing challenge

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Solvay says that it has invited university students from around the world to compete in its Additive Manufacturing Cup by 3D printing complex shapes using the company’s KetaSpire polyetheretherketone (PEEK) filaments.

Accoridng to the company, PEEK is one of the most difficult to 3D print. Registration closed at the end of October with over thirty teams from thirteen countries enrolled.

‘3D printing is a remarkable manufacturing technology that is developing quickly,’ said Brian Alexander, additive manufacturing manager for Solvay’s Specialty Polymers global business unit. ’It can deliver fully functional prototypes as well as cost-efficient single to small volume applications much faster than traditional manufacturing. However, printing with the world’s best performing polymers remains a challenge. Solvay’s Additive Manufacturing Cup is to demonstrate that the time has come for this to change.’

While universities provide the printing equipment, Solvay will supply PEEK filaments and assist the teams with material data for 3D printing.

The final parts printed by each student team will be evaluated on their mechanical stability and aesthetic qualities by an international panel of Solvay polymer, design and additive manufacturing specialists. Winners will be announced on 22 March, 2018, and receive first, second and third prizes of €10,000, €5000 and €3000 respectively to be used for academic, entrepreneurial or societal purposes.

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