Solvay launches new PEEK polymers grades

Polymer and composite supplier Solvay has introduced two new lubricated grades of Zeniva polyetheretherketone (PEEK) to its range of biocompatible polymers for use in implantable devices. New Zeniva ZA-500L and ZA-600L PEEK are suitable for injection molding.

Solvay’s implantable Zeniva PEEK has a modulus of elasticity similar to that of cortical bone, minimizing reduction in bone density by maintaining normal stress on surrounding bone tissue. It also eliminates the risk of allergic reactions to heavy metals, and its radiolucent properties will not interfere with X-ray and computed tomography scanning procedures.

‘The orthopedic industry has challenged its supply partners to deliver biocompatible polymers that enable more innovative implantable device designs,’ said Jim Hicks, technical development engineer for Healthcare at Solvay’s Specialty Polymers global business unit.

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