SME names 2023 outstanding new engineers

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) has named the 18 winners of its award which recognizes “outstanding young manufacturing engineers”.

According to the organization, the engineers were selected based on their diverse manufacturing backgrounds, technology advancements/improvements and research.

They are:

  • Lili Cai, PhD, assistant professor, mechanical science and engineering, University of Illinois-Champaign, Illinois, USA
  • Murali Mohan Cheepu, PhD, research manager, Super TIG Welding Ltd, Busan, Republic of Korea
  • David Coleman, senior applications engineer, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Texas, USA
  • Karthik Gopinath, senior research engineer, Caterpillar Inc, Texas, USA
  • Farbod Khameneifar, PhD, P Eng, associate professor, Polytechnique Montreal, Montreal, Canada
  • Yong Lin Kong, PhD, assistant professor, University of Utah, Utah, USA
  • Cindy “Xiangjia” Li, PhD, assistant professor, Arizona State University, Arizona, USA
  • Jon-Erik Mogonye, PhD, research materials engineer, DEVCOM US Army Research Laboratory, Maryland, USA
  • Hantang Qin, assistant professor, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, USA
  • Wesley Salandro, PhD, senior manager-composites production, SpaceX, California, USA
  • William Scheideler, PhD, assistant professor of engineering, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA
  • Jacob L  Smith, PhD, product design engineer, Apple Inc, Texas, USA
  • Kenan Song, PhD, assistant professor, Arizona State University, Arizona, USA
  • Hongyue Sun, PhD, assistant professor, State University of New York at Buffalo, New York, USA
  • Sean Wagner, PhD, senior researcher, manufacturing systems research lab, General Motors Global Research & Development, Michigan, USA
  • Shaomao Xu, PhD, researcher, manufacturing systems research lab, General Motors Research & Development, Michigan, USA
  • Zixuan Zhang, PhD, engagement manager, McKinsey & Co, Washington, USA
  • Hangbo Zhao, PhD, assistant professor, University of Southern California, California, USA

“This group of young engineers is one of the most educated, accomplished groups we’ve honored in recent years,” said Robert Willig, SME executive director and CEO. “Watch with me as they gain momentum over their careers, as I’m sure we’ll see some remarkable achievements in manufacturing technology, processes and materials come forth.”