SGL Carbon’s Q1 2022 results

SGL Carbon reports consolidated sales of €270.9 million in Q1 2022, an increase of 12.2 % from Q1 2021 figures of €241.5 million.

According to the company, all four of its business units contributed to this €29.4 million increase in sales, from Graphite Solutions (€11.3 million), Carbon Fibers (€6.6 million), Composite Solutions (€7.2 million) and Process Technology (€6 million).

Sales to customers in the automotive and semiconductor industries and a recovery in the industrial applications segment were also factors in the increase in sales. “The effects of the war in Ukraine, which has been ongoing since the end of February 2022, had only a little impact on SGL Carbon's sales performance in the 1st quarter,” the company added.

SGL said it continues to expect volatile raw material and energy prices as well as uncertainties about the war in Ukraine and supply chain disruptions due to the lockdowns in China. “Therefore, our outlook for fiscal 2022 does not include supply and/or production interruptions at our customers or the impact of a possible energy embargo that cannot be estimated at this time,” a press release said. The company currently forecasts consolidated sales to be at the prior year's level.

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