Saertex opens Mexico site

Saertex, which makes textile reinforcement materials, has opened a new facility in Ciudad Juárez, northern Mexico.

The 15,000 m2 facility will be used to produce multiaxial glass fiber non-crimp fabrics for lightweight construction applications.

According to the company, this is its 17th site worldwide, and is situated near companies that make rotor blades for the wind power sector. Overall, 54 new jobs will be created at Saertex Mexico SA de CV.

“By strategically shifting manufacturing capacity from the USA to Mexico, we are simultaneously strengthening our US plant in Huntersville (NC), which is now able to focus its competencies on our emerging business in the field of industrial applications.” said Christoph Geyer, CEO.

Machinery and equipment have already been installed at the plant in Mexico, while processes have been successfully mapped and digitally connected with the other sites in the global production network.

The company is also planning to expand the plant in order to make additional product lines in order to offer wind power customers a larger range of different material technologies for rotor blade manufacture.