SAERTEX to support Bombardier aircraft programmes

According to SAERTEX, the volume of orders from these contracts during the next 10 years could exceed €250 million.

SAERTEX, headquartered in Germany, produces non-crimp fabrics made from glass, carbon, aramid and speciality fibres for use in composite manufacture. SAERTEX fabrics enable low-cost manufacture of large complex structures and are being increasingly used in primary aircraft components.

"The agreements with Bombardier are really something special for SAERTEX, and we are proud that our commitment to providing high-quality, technical products has been rewarded by Bombardier," says Bruno Lammers, Chairman of the SAERTEX group. "SAERTEX is glad to have been able to offer its innovative materials and manufacturing solutions to Bombardier for their new aircraft, and we are excited to be involved in such major programmes."

The aircraft

The 8-10 passenger Learjet 85 will be the first Bombardier Aerospace aircraft to feature fuselage and wing built primarily from carbon composites. Fabrication of the first major composite structures of the Learjet 85 is now underway at Bombardier's new facility at its site in the Querétaro Aerospace Park, Mexico.

The CSeries is designed for the 100- to 149-seat market and is sheduled to enter service in 2013. The aircraft features a composite wing.