Reinforced Plastics’ top news stories in April

A partnership to repurpose carbon fiber scrap, Syensqo’s polymer shaping a surfing fin and Groupe Gazechim Composite’s acquisition of Italy’s Lavesan were the most read news stories on the Reinforced Plastics website in April 2024.

Image © DG-Studio - Adobe Stock.

1. Partnership to recycle carbon fiber composite scrap

Finland’s Exel Composites and Fairmat, a pioneer in recycling carbon fiber and manufacturing advanced recycled materials, have announced a partnership to repurpose carbon fiber waste.


2. Syensqo’s polymer shapes Kohola Flow Tech’s surfing fin


Drake Plastics is using Syensqo’s Ixef polyaryl amide (PARA) resin to mold the innovative Kohola FlowTech 1 Single Fin for surfboards.


3. Lavesan joins Groupe Gazechim Composites

Groupe Gazechim Composites (GGC) has acquired a majority stake in Italy’s Lavesan from the Benedetti and Corazzin Families.