Reichhold introduces improved low profile tooling resin

Reichhold says that POLYLITE® 33542-75 is a pre-accelerated, filled, unsaturated polyester laminating resin suitable for the construction of GRP tooling by hand lay-up and/or spray-up application with 

  • improved wetting properties
  • easier rolling
  • faster wetting of the glass fibre
  • improved storage stability
  • less settling
  • easier mixing before use
  • lower density resulting in less resin use and lighter tool constructions.

According to Reichhold, POLYLITE® 33542-75 represents further advancements for the Polylite Profile Tooling system, which maintain all the properties in the original resin, with the convenience of a single product used with a conventional MEK peroxide catalyst.

VP Commercial Europe Alberto Piccinotti says: “Polylite® 33542-75 confirms Reichhold commitment to develop cost efficient products aimed at enhancing our customer’s productivity and satisfaction.”