RECOMP conference becomes annual event

With the growth in composites repurposing and recycling, Composites UK has decided to make its RECOMP conference - Reuse and Recycling of Composites - an annual event.

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RECOMP will be held this year on 23 November at the AMRC in Rotherham as a one-day event focused exclusively on updates on processes and activities now being scaled-up and commercialised in the UK.

Speakers include:

Jaap van der Woude – European Composites Industry Association

European Perspectives – What does composites circularity mean for our industry?

Jen Hill – B&M Longworth

The DEECOM pressolysis process for CFRP/GRP recycling

Frazer Barnes – Gen 2 Carbon

The Gen2Carbon process and product offering

David Bryce – Strathclyde University

The PRoGrESS project for fluidised bed composite recycling

Oliver Wessely – Gen2Plank

The Conenor process and Gen2Plank product offering

Damian Cessario – V-Carbon

The V-Carbon solvolysis approach and UK ambitions

Jonathan Fuller – NCC

The current UK Composites waste landscape and future options for addressing it

Emma Hilyard, AMRC

Material passports and their potential role in composites waste management

Exel Composites & Finnish Plastics Federation

Short video presentations on GRP recycling in Finland



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