Processing equipment targets large scale applications

The Agile Gantry is ideal for machining and finishing large parts such as wind blades.
The Agile Gantry is ideal for machining and finishing large parts such as wind blades.

The Agile Gantry is a CNC machine-tool equipment platform that provides unlimited X-axis range, 40 m/min traverse speed, automatic tool change and five servo-controlled axes. It performs coating, blade machining and finishing quickly, increasing productivity and quality, while reducing the need for manual labour.

Designed for five-sided part access, the equipment supports a wide variety of applications and processes such as: cutting tools; spray heads; water-jet cutters; chopper guns; and finishing tools.

It can be used to produce complex mould geometries in high-density foam, apply coatings, or trim and finish free form, contoured parts, and is said to be ideal for marine, automotive and aerospace applications.

Using a modular rail system to create any X-axis length required, the rail system can be placed below the factory floor, above it, or elevated to create a high rail configuration. A variety of work-holding systems can be adapted and positioned between the rails. The gantry cross rail provides 5.5 m of Y-axis travel and 2.5 m or more of Z-axis reach. Servo-controlled contouring is simplified with rotary A and C axes (spindle tilt and wrist roll) that provide ±100° and ±200° of movement respectively. The maximum feed rate for the linear X, Y, and Z axes is up to 40 000 mm/min and up to 3600 degrees/min in the rotary axes. Linear axes are powered by dual electronically preloaded AC servomotor rack-and-pinion drive systems.

The machine's liquid-cooled, 15 kW AC spindle delivers a 0-24 000 rpm speed range and accommodates an HSK63F tool shank. A high-capacity vacuum system with spindle shroud is available to catch dust and chips. A drum-type tool changer holds 16 tools for automatic tool changes.

The equipment is controlled by a Siemens 840D CNC with colour screen, handheld pendant and hand wheel controls. Using a spindle touch-probe, the machine can locate a part or fixture, allowing the control to align the part program execution to the actual part position. Spindle probes can also be used for in-process part measurement by the machine.