MultiCam introduces five axis CNC router

The MultiCam 8000 Series Five-Axis Router.
The MultiCam 8000 Series Five-Axis Router.

“Five-axis CNC machining opens up a world of new capabilities for MultiCam,” sats MultiCam Director of Sales and Marketing John Harris.

“Applications include edge trimming of moulded wood, plastic and composite parts, deep-cavity mould making and machining of spiral staircase components.”

In addition to the standard X, Y and Z axes, the end of the Z axis features a 440-degree rotational axis and a 150-degree swing axis.

The operator may program all five axes to move simultaneously, or program the fourth and fifth axes separately or locked in the vertical position to run the 8000 Series as a standard three-axis machine.

Five-axis machines are extremely flexible with the ability to expand a shop’s capabilities for future business, notes MultiCam.

MultiCam Inc, headquartered in Texas, USA, manufactures CNC (computer numerical control) cutting solutions for various industries. Products include CNC router, laser, plasma, waterjet and knife cutting machines.