Owens Corning showcases composite technologies at China Composites Expo 2011

The Owens Corning exhibit focuses on several key markets, including automotive, building and construction, energy and power, industrial and transportation.

"Materials science, especially for composites, is one of today's most powerful technology drivers," says Jean-Marc Sinkora, vice president and managing director, Owens Corning Composite Solutions Business, Greater China. "This, in turn, is providing greater design freedom in the development of newer, better, higher-performance applications versus traditional materials. Owens Corning works closely with customers and designers to help them better understand the benefits of using composites and how they may replace older technologies for improved structural and mechanical properties and greater aesthetics."

Several products reinforced with Owens Corning's new high-strength XStrand® H glass are on display, including power cable cores and poles for the energy and power market. Also featured are pultruded rods and high pressure cylinders for industrial applications, as well as pallets manufactured from long fibre thermoplastics (LFT) reinforced with Type 30™ rovings.

Owens Corning is also highlighting both thermoplastic and thermoset applications for the transportation sector, including cargo and passenger floor liners for aeronautic applications manufactured using FliteStrand® S roving, and automotive spoilers and front-end modules using Advantex® Type 30™ roving.

Earlier this year, Owens Corning announced its new facility in Yuhang Economic and Development Zone, Hangzhou, which will enable it to better serve customers with local supply.

China Composites Expo 2011 takes place on 7-9 September at the World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center in Shanghai.