MVP controls the heat

MVP's new resin injection machine.
MVP's new resin injection machine.

Named the V6SC Thermoject Injection System, it provides control of pressure and flow with accurate temperature control prior to reaching the mould cavity.

Powered entirely by pneumatics, the hot water temperature control source can be placed several metres away from the moulding area and connected to the machine by 10 mm flexible pipes. The pressure control set point can be adjusted from 0.3 to 8.0 bar.

All resin fluid sections, including the pump, external pipes and flow direction valves and pressure control system, are temperature controlled using a common recirculation flow of hot water.

A clean air supply is required to operate the system whilst the temperature control approach is designed to ensure that temperature levels are not exceeded – as is the risk with electrical heater jacket systems. This also gives longer pot life of unused resin. A temperature control day tank, and a remote PID controlled water heating system for use with the Thermoject are also available from MVP

This system can go from start-up to optimal heat in approximately 15 minutes. Additional features can be added to the system, including data logging, mimic display incorporating embedded PC featuring real time flow, pressure and temperature indication and valve position, and customized screen designs.