SMC takes the heat

The heat shield is used to insulate the fuel tank.
The heat shield is used to insulate the fuel tank.

The heat shield, which is used to insulate the fuel tank from the high temperature of engine exhausts, presented a new challenge for Pilot. The required composite needed unconventional chopped glass fibre loading of 50%. The compound was also required to flow smoothly as it is being processed in heated matched metal dies on high compression presses.

Using SMC from SMC SA, Uruguay, formulated with unsaturated polyester (UP) resin from AOC, and designed for structural SMC applications that require higher mechanical properties when exposed to a hot or corrosive environment. The resin is specified for its good fibre wetting characteristics, proven high reactivity for a broad range of end-use applications, and smooth surface finish when used for appearance parts.

By providing state-of-the-art-technology and a fast response to the challenge Pilot Automotive secured the Ford deal.

“We needed a new compound very quickly if we were going to get the Ford heat shield business,” says Leandro S. Solofrizzo, Purchasing Manager for Pilot Automotive, Argentina. “The production department at SMC SA met our needs in record time. Thanks to this, we added new business at a time when the automotive market is soft.”