MVP and AOC in COMPOSITES EUROPE demonstrations

Over the past four years, Magnus Venus Products (MVP) says that it has worked with many of the top materials suppliers in the composites industry to develop better ways to use closed moulding. This year, for the Composites Europe Expo in Düsseldorf, Germany, MVP has teamed up with AOC to present live closed moulding demonstrations using AOC’s Hydropel® low profile modified vinyl ester resin.

The companies say that Hydropel® offers good surface quality, with or without gelcoat, superior mechanical properties, increased use of fillers for improved surfaces, physical properties, and improved economics and lower exotherms resulting in longer tool life.

MVP vice president of International Sales adds: “Working closely with top materials suppliers like AOC is vital to bringing the newest innovative technology to the composites industry. As new materials are introduced to the market, new equipment is required to apply them. It is through these kind of partnerships that many of MVP’s leading systems came to be developed, and we look forward to partnering with AOC on future projects.”