Latest composites market survey continues positive trend

Composites Germany says that the results of its fifth survey of the European composites market, for the first half of 2015, are now available.

According to the organization, the previous survey (second half of 2014) already showed a positive trend in ratings of the current business situation in composites and this development is now continuing. The assessment of the business situation in all the regions under review (worldwide, Europe and Germany) is even more favorable than in the last survey.

Whereas in the last survey about two thirds of all respondents viewed the business situation as “quite positive” or “very positive”, this share has now increased to 90%.

For Europe as an economic region this latest trend finally shows a sustained positive tendency again, the report said. Over 80% of companies in the survey said they took an optimistic view of the business situation.

The majority of respondents believe that the coming six months will see a favorable development or the same development of the business situation.

Moreover, nearly half of all respondents feel that the next half year will be marked by an increase in their staffing level. By contrast, only 6% believe that there will be a reduction.

Mainly positive replies were also received when asked about planned investments in machinery. Likewise, a strong commitment to the composites market continues to be seen as worthwhile. About half of all respondents said they wanted to envisage greater activities and composites, whereas a downturn was only assumed in isolated cases.

The essential growth driver in materials continues to be seen in carbon reinforced plastic.

Regional developments

On a regional level Germany and Asia are still believed to be the regions with the most vigorous development while on the application side there are expectations that major stimuli will be received from automotive engineering, aviation, infrastructure/construction and mechanical engineering.

Compared with the previous survey, both the general economic situation and the companies’ own business situations are seen by respondents as positive again.  It is only expectations of the general future situation that have stagnated at the level of the second half of 2014.

The next issue of the Composites Market Survey will be published in January 2016.