Hampson showcases large structure composite tooling capabilities

Hampson Aerospace Tooling Solutions is a division of Hampson Industries plc, UK.

“Hampson is the world’s largest independent aerospace tooling manufacturer, and the only one capable of providing an in-house end-to-end solution for large structure composite and metal tooling,” says Paul Walsh, Hampson Aerospace Tooling Solutions CEO.

“We have a proven track record as a reliable design, development and build partner for challenging tooling applications around the world and have recently enhanced our capability to make tools using carbon fibre / BMI resin materials.”

Through its US subsidiaries Coast Composites, Odyssey and Global Tooling Systems, Hampson Aerospace Tooling Solutions has fast turnkey tooling manufacturing capabilities with a large number of long bed 5 axis machines dedicated to aerospace tooling.

The company’s core capability is in the manufacture of tooling systems used to fabricate the flight-critical composite and metal structures used in the latest generation of aircraft. These systems include large fibre placement moulds, lay-up moulds, resin transfer moulds, and all types of assembly jigs and fixtures.

Tools designed and manufactured by Hampson have, and continue to play, a critical role in the design, pre-production and production phases of many aerospace programmes, including the A350, A380, A400M, B787, B777, CH53, F-35, HondaJet, V-22, and PiperJet.

The 2011 JEC Composites Show took place in Paris on 29-31 March.