DIAB expands core material finishing options

One of the main purposes of finishing is to make the core material formable, explains DIAB. This is normally done by creating different shaped grid scores in the core material, supported with a thin glass fibre veil.

Using standard grid scored finished material when manufacturing parts that have a single curvature leaves the scores in one direction open. By only having cuts where the curvature is needed, the resin consumption is reduced by approximately 50%. DIAB reports that this One Directional Cut (ODC) finishing option is available for most grades and densities of core material and it can be combined with several other finishes from to create further benefits.

The second new finishing option, Grid Score Thin (GST), is available for many grades and thicknesses of core material. GST will reduce the amount of resin in the grid scores up to 30% when used in an appropriate way, DIAB says.