Composites One holds closed moulding demos at Composites 2010

Composites One says the presentations will be held at booth 917.

The main presentations will be at 2 pm on Wednesday 10 February and 1 pm on Thursday 11 February, with other demonstrations continuing throughout show hours.

Visitors will be able to see demonstrations of three closed moulding processes – light resin transfer moulding (Light RTM), the vacuum infusion process (VIP), and closed cavity bag moulding (CCBM) – used to produce wind blades, mini-catamarans and other production parts.

The highlight of the event will ube the infusion of a replica wind blade.

“Infusing a wind blade demonstrates how closed mould technology is perfect for today’s emerging markets,” says Composites One Vice President of Marketing, Greg Shymske. “We’ve helped manufacturers see for themselves how closed mould is ideal for building a wide range of parts, even in high volume runs … now they will see how these processes are the right choice for emerging opportunities available to composites manufacturers today.”

During the demonstrations at Composites 2010, US composite materials distributor Composites One will introduce a new micro infused technology that can be used in closed moulding. From Australian company MIRteq, the technology uses a resin with a modified polymer structure making it safer for the environment.

Composites 2010, organised by the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA), takes place on 9-11 February in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.