ACMA launches two new closed moulding certification programmes

Light Resin Transfer Moulding (LRTM): Closed moulding processes such as LRTM are becoming more popular as the result of the need for improved product quality, increased productivity, reduced operational costs and more precise parts. ACMA is offering the CCT-LRTM certification to provide the knowledge and understanding of the latest technologies necessary to successfully make this switch.

Wind Blade Repair (WBR): Prompt repair of structural and cosmetic wind turbine blade damage will extend the lifespan of the blades, trim maintenance costs and prevent costly and time-consuming shutdowns. ACMA is offering the CCT-WBR certification curriculum to help serve the growing demand for composites training in the wind energy sector for servicing and repairing wind turbines.

ACMA has named the month of April as CCT Month and all programmes are discounted by 10%.

CCTs are also available in Open Moulding, Compression Moulding, Solid Surface, Cast Polymer, Corrosion and Vacuum Infusion Process.