Composites One exhibits at China Composites Expo 2010

The China Composites Expo trade show will be held in Beijing on 15-17 September.

This year Composites One will conduct a live closed mould demonstration. The demonstration will feature the light resin transfer moulding (LRTM) Process and will be presented by Composites One, along with Magnum Venus Plastech. The demonstrations will be held on 15 and 16 September at 1:30 pm.

“We are seeing the LRTM process now being accepted by the China open mould manufactures as an affordable option to convert to a process that produces better quality parts with good surface appearance, reduced labour costs, and gives better overall control of the cost of materials ” says Philip Condron, General Manager of Composites One China.

Several suppliers have partnered with Composites One to exhibit at China Composites Expo. These include: Acrastrip, AGY, ATC, Chomarat, Cray Valley, I-Core, Magnum Venus Plastech, Specialty Products, and Syrgis Initiators.

Headquartered in Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA, Composites One serves customers from 30 distribution centres in North America. Composites One China is headquartered in Shanghai, China.