BASF extends reinforced PPA range

BASF has developed a new polyphthalamide (PPA) material.

Ultramid Advanced T1000 is based on polyamide 6T/6I and reportedly offers improved strength and stiffness with stable mechanical properties at temperatures of up to 120°C (dry) and up to 80°C (conditioned). It has high resistance to humidity and to aggressive media.

BASF says that the initial range consists of heat-stabilized, glass fiber-reinforced standard grades with reinforcement levels ranging from 30 to 60% for different stiffness, strength and toughness values, glass fiber-reinforced special grades with improved hydrolysis resistance with 35 or 45% glass fiber reinforcement, and a long glass fiber-reinforced, highly heat-stabilized compound for improved mechanical performance, especially at higher temperatures. Depending on the requirements of individual applications, grades with different heat stabilizers are also available.

The company says that Ultramid Advanced T1000 can be used in thermostat housings and water pumps, fuel circuits and selective catalytic reduction systems, for actuators and clutch parts in cars and in construction applications such as water distributors, heating systems and pumps.

‘New materials for metal replacement are the key to developing the next generation of lightweight, high-performance components,’ says Abdullah Shaikh, head of the global PPA team. ‘The demands on the materials have increased drastically in recent years, mostly because of trends such as ongoing miniaturization, higher efficiency targets, and functional integration.’

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