Altair acquires Multiscale Design Systems

 Altair has completed its acquisition of Multiscale Design Systems, LLC, a developer of products focused on the modeling and testing of composites.

The company’s technology integrates modeling, simulation, testing, uncertainty quantification, and improvement of composite materials and structures at a variety of spatial and temporal scales. Altair says that MDS will bring important new composites expertise to its Altair HyperWorks range, including multiscale analysis, stochastic design, fatigue analysis, and multiphysics simulation. ‘We will continue to develop, enhance, and invest in MDS as part of HyperWorks while retaining an open architecture approach with respect to other 3rd party solvers,’ said Uwe Schramm, chief technical officer at Altair. ‘Altair is committed to creating good interfaces and continuing to build partnerships to excel in the domain of composite materials.’

‘We have partnered with a number of significant original equipment manufacturers to analyze state-of-the-art materials for automotive, aerospace, and defense,’ said Dr. Jacob Fish, co-founder of Multiscale Design Systems. ‘Altair’s deep expertise in CAE, coupled with its significant footprint across a variety of industries, will help to extend the reach of our technology and increase its application.’

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