Airtech celebrates successful JEC Europe show

Vacuum breather pad Dahlpac MC79 in action.
Vacuum breather pad Dahlpac MC79 in action.

During the exhibition, Airtech introduced its new vacuum breather pad Dahlpac MC79 with zero resin bleed for resin infusions.

Dahlpac MC79 is said to be an easy-to-use strip material that allows vacuum to be applied over the surface of a composite laminate with no resin bleed out and little part mark-off. The use of this new vacuum breather pad ensures complete resin wet out and avoids dry patches by achieving efficient total air removal with vacuum distribution over the part surface, Airtech says.

Airtech also highlighted the latest products in its Airseal sealant tape range, which can now cover a temperature range up to 150°C. Airseal sealant tapes are used to produce composite parts for the marine, commercial and wind-energy industry with cure in heated tools or ovens.

Airtech also presented the Mobile Vacuum Kart (MVK 2011), which was used to create vacuum during resin infusion demonstrations. This is a plug-and-play system used for creating vacuum in prepreg and resin infusion applications, offering excellent mobility in the work shop.