Reinforced Plastics' top feature stories of 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, we list the most-read feature stories on the Reinforced Plastics website during the last 12 months.

Image © fotogestoeber - Adobe Stock.

1. Thermoplastic composites vs plywood: which one wins?

Tomasz Czarnecki, COO of Belgium’s EconCore, looks at how composites shape up against plywood and other materials when it comes to weight, sustainability and recycling.


2. In-situ tank replacement

A Costa Rican company has devised a novel way to replace old tanks with minimal disturbance.


3. Benefits of composite repair technologies

Rodney Thomson and Michael Scott from ACS Australia discuss the benefits of composite repairs over using metal.


4. Recycling technologies and new applications for end-of-life composites

Andrés Luengo Baranguán, Chemical Recycling researcher, AIMPLAS Plastics Technology Centre discusses new ways to recycle and re-use composites.


5. A new look for car interiors

A range of polypropylene (PP) compounds could help improve the aesthetics of interior automotive parts.