Virtual composite characterizer wins innovation award

e-Xstream engineering’s Digimat-VA software has been named a top innovation in composite manufacturing in the JEC awards.

Digimat-VA (standing for ‘Virtual Allowables’) allows engineers to virtually compare composite materials before starting a physical allowables process. By using Digimat-VA, it’s now possible to generate hundreds or thousands of coupon simulations. Composite variability can be addressed and understood and engineers can start the component design in parallel with the physical allowable campaign. The software also enables users to better explore material sensitivity to parameter variability and thus understand the performance of composites.

 ‘Understanding and characterizing composites and the generation of allowables requires a substantial amount of physical testing of coupons,’ said Roger Assaker, chief material strategist and CEO of e-Xstream engineering. This is costly, and more importantly, a time consuming process. To reduce this time and cost, we developed Digimat-VA.’

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