Trelleborg at subsea show

Sealing specialist Trelleborg plans to showcase its range of composite materials at subsea technologies show Underwater Intervention, taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, from 5-7 February.

These will include Eccofloat, a high-strength syntactic foam engineered to meet deep-sea buoyancy requirements for subsea applications.

‘Syntactic foams are a unique type of composite material and as with all composites, they have constituent components whose individual characteristics and interplay, drive their macroscale material performance,’ said Will Ricci, business development manager at Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation, who will be speaking at the event.

Trelleborg makes a range of low-density syntactic composite foams for deep sea buoyancy applications using hollow glass microspheres called Eccospheres. These are designed to provide the highest strength to weight ratio when used in composite materials.

‘Buoyancy material selection is a crucial component of unmanned subsea vehicle design. The composite foam maintains the near neutral buoyancy for free-flood vehicle designs, which allow vehicles to minimize energy consumption while maintaining their position within the water column,’ added Ricci.

 Underwater Intervention is a not-for-profit industry conference and exhibition, jointly owned by the Association of Diving Contractors International and the ROV Committee of the Marine Technology Society.

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