Thermoplastic composite pipes

Composite part manufacturer Strohm, based in the Netherlands, has developed thermoplastic composite pipes (TCP) with an integrated weight coating.

Some 2,200 m of the 2.5 inch pipes have been used to to support operations at an offshore oil operation run by Trident Energy near the west coast of Central Africa, the company said.

According to Strohm, the pipes are strong and corrosion resistant and can be delivered in long lengths allowing operators to use existing field support vessels.

“The integrated weight coating, in addition to other means, helped us ensuring an on-bottom stability of this TCP in such shallow water,” said Simon Lorelli, subsea operations manager for Trident.

“This recent award by Trident demonstrates a growing confidence from energy companies in TCP and the benefits the product offers,” said Paul McCafferty, Strohm VP Europe & Africa.