OAS unveils UV-curable adhesion promotion system

Oxford Advanced Surfaces (OAS), a specialist surface modification and advanced materials company, has developed a new adhesion promotion surface treatment that can be cured using UV light.

Some material applications cannot be cured using heat, due to a lack of equipment, or if the material has a glass transition temperature that is too close to the curing temperature.

The Onto system can be cured either using a drying step, followed by UV light treatment, or by using a traditional heating method, if necessary.

‘We have used our surface chemistry expertise to develop the first solution of its type that can be completely cured using only UV light after a drying step,’ said OAS technical manager, Jon-Paul Griffiths. ‘This will give customers more flexibility during the materials processing stage and will also increase the scope of the materials that can be surface treated for painting or lacquering.’

The UV-curable product removes the need for sanding, abrasion and plasma treatments and can modify a wide range of substrates with a single product (carbon fiber reinforced plastic and polyamide).

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