Nesting software helps build solar vehicle

A team of Belgium students have selected Jetcam’s nesting software to help build their 2023 solar powered vehicle.

The Innoptus Solar Team plan, which comprises 31 engineering students from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, plan to complete in the 2023 World Solar Challenge vehicle, which races vehicles powered by solar energy. The team are the current world champions.

Nesting software is used to organize the required quantities of individual parts to be produced in an automatic and efficient manner. Innoptus plan to use Jetcam Expert software to build composite plies.

“Jetcam enables us to quickly nest our composite plies and use our material as efficiently as possible,” said a spokesperson for the team. “Partnered with Jetcam, the Innoptus Solar Team strives to build its 10th car and prolong its world title in solar racing.”