Hydrogen storage joint venture

Australia-based CST Composites has formed a joint venture with US hydrogen storage tank manufacturer Optimum Composite Technologies.

Plans are for CST to manufacture composite pressure vessels (CPVs) used to store hydrogen and renewable natural gas (RNG) using Optimum’s technical expertise and Intellectual Property (IP) of carbon fiber pressure vessels.

This includes establishing Australia’s first hydrogen vessel manufacturing facility, which will meet growing demand from the defence, space transport and energy sectors for products such as VTOL vehicles and rockets, CST said.

This manufacturing facility will help advance Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy, which highlights the need to develop the country’s supply chain infrastructure, including hydrogen storage tanks. The Australian Government is reportedly investing AUS$1.4 billion to positionthe country as a major hydrogen player by 2030.

 “High-pressure gas storage vessels is one of the biggest and fastest-growing markets globally for advanced composites, particularly for filament-wound carbon fiber composites,” said CST Composites managing director, Clive Watts. “We will be applying for the grants and financial support available to advance our projects, which focus on the innovative design and development of hydrogen and CPV products.”