Hexion introduces new bakelite phenolic resin for coatings

Thermoset resin specialist Hexion Inc has developed a new Bakelite phenolic resin for the production of coatings with a formaldehyde (ULEF) content of less than 0.1%.

 Bakelite PF 7835 LB Resin offers adhesion and substrate protection when used as a crosslinking agent for polyester and acrylic based container coatings. Crosslinkers bind polymer chains together, and can produce tough and resilient coatings that can resist mechanical deformation, aggressive chemicals and sterilization processes. These coatings are used as protective liners in food cans, aerosol cans, tubes, and other metal containers.

‘Our new Bakelite ULEF phenolic resin will enable customers to formulate higher performance coatings, since they will be able to include a higher phenolic content without exceeding the preferred 0.1% limit of free formaldehyde for these applications,’ said JP Aucoin, vice president and general manager, Global Phenolic Specialty Resins. ‘The extremely low level of free formaldehyde in this resin system is significantly less than that of any other phenolic resin available in the market and provides manufacturers with a variety of formulation advantages, such as anticorrosion properties and a long shelf life.’

The new Bakelite resin features free phenol levels below 0.5%, resulting in lower overall free VOCs. Hexion also offers Bakelite ULEF resins specifically designed for use in anticorrosive and powder coatings.

This story is reprinted from material from Hexion, with editorial changes made by Materials Today. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of Elsevier.