EXPO-NET to exhibit flow mesh products

International plastic net manufacturer, EXPO-NET Danmark, plans to showcase its range of extruded thermoplastic resin flow mesh products at the International Composites Summit, taking place in London, UK, from 21–22 September 2022.

According to the company, its resin flow mesh products are 100% recyclable, with some featuring a tubular net design that can accelerate resin flow and provide a rapid air release channel which speeds up the removal of air from narrower laminate sections and part extremities.  

“The use of EXPO-NET’s tubular flow mesh for certain wind blade vacuum infusion processes really helps boost productivity by enabling air to be drawn out much faster,” said René Balslev Andersen, Nordic and Baltic regional sales manager. “Customers can typically shorten production cycle times and reduce overall manufacturing costs to such an extent that the new product development (NPD) payback time and added flow mesh material cost is very quickly recovered and results in significantly increasing bottom line profitability. Not just wind blade producers, but anyone infusing large [fiber reinforced plastic] FRP parts can also benefit.” 

Not using the right design and combination of resin flow mesh flow can increase the likelihood of a reject part, due to premature resins hardening, resulting in dry laminate sections and trapped air voids, he added.