Composite materials for inspection drone

The ASIO drone manufactured by Flybotix.
The ASIO drone manufactured by Flybotix.

Solvay reports that it has supplied materials for an indoor inspection drone.The ASIO drone, made by Switzerland-based Flybotix, reportedly has a lightweight thermoplastic composite structure which, when combined with a patented propulsion system using only two rotors, can double flight time when compared to similar drones. 

According to Solvay, the composite structure also makes the drone more collision tolerant, which is importan when accessing confined areas such as oil storage tanks, underground mines or power generating facilities.

‘Drones will play a considerable role in the future, and composite materials are a key enabler by providing lightweighting, increased performance and damage resistance,’ said Fabrizio Ponte, head of Solvay Thermoplastic Composites.

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