Composite booms to help space robot

Rock West Composites (RWC) has completed the design for composite ‘booms’ to installed on the Canadarm3 space robot.

Canadarm3 is a series of robotic arms featuring a range of specialized tools to perform maintenance and science tasks on the moon-orbiting Gateway space outpost, which is planned to be launched by NASA by 2025.

RWC is collaborating with space technology company MDA to design, analyze, manufacture, and test the two primary boom structures and supporting spare units. This structure will support the robotic arm’s operations and help ensure its stability and reliability over its 20+ year service life, the company said. The structure must meet challenging structural and weight requirements, as well as tight dimensional tolerances, operate within wide temperature ranges, and withstand radiation, according to RWC.

“This highly autonomous robotic system will use cutting edge software to perform tasks around the Moon without human intervention,” said the Canadian Space Agency.